Goddess Fruit Blast Soap

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Sometimes it feels like the world is just too much. We're always barraged with noise, screens, and other people's opinions. Give yourself a break from all the craziness and get back to your roots with Fruit Blast Soap. We've got you covered with a soap that smells like fresh fruit and exfoliates like a scrub in one easy step. Just add water and watch as the putrid cream bubbles away to reveal skin natural glow.

Specializing in Hypoallergenic Soaps for Adults & Babies!

Ingredients: Glycerin, Honey, Oatmeal, Pink Himalayan Salt & Shea Butter infused with Blueberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Mango, Cranberry, Kiwi & Sweet Orange Essential Oils

3 oz Bars

*Not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. External use only.